Interested in how our cattle are raised? Wondering how we deliver our beef? Find those answers below!

Beef Delivery

We currently offer both Contactless Delivery to both the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Please note: If no shipping options return for your address at checkout, we unfortunately don’t offer delivery to your area.
If you think this is a mistake or would like to place a custom order, send an email to mushrooms@eastwellfarms.com.au

We offer delivery to the Sunshine Coast on Tuesday and Friday mornings. 

For our Brisbane customers, we deliver on Monday mornings. 

Yes, we do. 

For Sunshine Coast orders – Tuesday orders will be delivered if received by the previous Monday at 6pm.
Friday orders will be delivered if received by the previous Thursday at 6pm. 

For Brisbane orders – Monday orders will be delivered if recieved by the previous Friday at 6pm. 

We will deliver your beef order to your home in a cold storage bag, alongside several re-useable ice packs. This option allows us to deliver your beef to you and leave it on your doorstep, frozen, for up to four hours. We will contact you when your order has arrived at your home.

While our boxes provide four hours of standing time, it is best to get your meat into your freezer ASAP. 

If you place an order before the cut-off time for one of our delivery days, we will schedule your delivery for the soonest available day. Please specify in your order notes or email us at mushrooms@eastwellfarms.com.au if this does not suit you.

Our delivery drivers will look to place your order out of direct sun, and out of sight from the street. If you have a preference on a delivery location, please specify in your order notes.


For orders over $150, we offer Contactless Delivery for $15. 

For orders over $300, we offer Contactless Delivery free of charge.

No. Our delivery boxes will keep your meat frozen for up to four hours. However, it is best to get your meat into a freezer as soon as possible.

We will contact you via text message to let you know the exact time your order is delivered. We will also advise a maximum time your order will remain frozen. 

Our Cattle

No and no – our cattle are as natural as can be. 

Queensland is yet to mandate mRNA vaccinations for cattle. However, should this change, we will not be vaccinating our animals.

Regarding chemicals – Nguni, the breed of cattle we raise here at Eastwell Farms, have a natural resistance to ticks. This means that in spite of the Sunshine Coast’s abundance of ticks, we don’t need to treat our cattle for them. Our cattle receive all their necessary parasitic from their own genetics. They are spray-free, chemical-free, immunisation-free, no-nasties cattle. 

Our cattle consume absolutely no grain. They are grass-fed all the way through their life. They are not grain-finished. 

We are very happy with the fat coverage our Nguni cattle produce in spite of their grass diet. Finishing an animal on grain is an easy way to add significant fat coverage and intramuscular fat (marbling). However, this is very unhealthy for the animal. A cow’s digestive system is designed to process plants, not grain. The animal becomes uncomfortable when it consumes grain. 

Our cattle are happy and healthy on a 100% grass-fed diet.

All our beef products are sold cryovacced and frozen. This allows us to guarantee a 12-month shelf life. 

We have had many, many positive reviews on the quality of our beef. Freezing does not affect the eating quality of our beef.

Yes we do. Depending on how you want your beef cut will determine how much it costs per kg. This ranges from $20/kg to $28/kg. 

We require a $200 down payment on all quarter/half/whole beast purchases.

To discuss further, send us an email at cattle@eastwellfarms.com.au

Our Mushrooms

We ship Tuesdays and Fridays.

If your order is in by 6AM the morning of either of those days, it will ship that same day.

We’re glad you asked!

If you live on the Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane, you can add them to an order of beef, or buy enough mushroom to hit our minimum order value – $100. 

Alternatively, you can find us at the Yandina Country Markets every Saturday morning from 6AM-12PM. We always have fresh lion’s mane here. We are also at the Kin Kin Markets, that of which happens on the first Sunday of every month from 8AM-12PM. 

We currently sell Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) and Reishi (Ganoderma sichuanense) mushrooms.

We have plans to add Turkey Tail (Coriolus versicolor), and may potentially add Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) in future. 

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Unfortunately, as we are not licensed health professionals, we cannot provide any recommendations on dosage for our medicinal mushrooms. 

We recommend doing your own research in this space – there is plenty of information available online. 


At this stage, we do not have an on-farm shop. This is set to change in the coming months – we are currently developing an on-farm shop, which is expected to be completed by January 2024.

We hold Open Days every other month, and will soon be offering ticketed farm tours. Sign up to our newsletter to keep updated with these changes, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

As we are a working farm, we are not currently open to the general public. The lack of rain and excess heat means we have made the decision to remain closed until these intense events subside.

All things going well, we will be offering tours in 2024.

Until then, you can buy our beef and have it delivered to your door!

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